Woman Uses Mom’s Traditional Recipes to Launch Ghee Brand & Earn Rs 10 Lakh/Month

Nei, or ghee,is an integral part of Indian cooking. Though rich in fat, the fatty acids support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. The properties of nei are such that it immediately elevates the flavour of the food. Whether it is the humble khichdi or a flavour-packed bisi bele bhat, adding a dollop of nei can take most dishes to the next level.

While the market is flooded with all kinds, what one misses is the aroma, texture and flavour that a goodhomemade ghee has to offer. From having anti-inflammatory properties and aiding in digestion to proving to be a great immunity booster, ghee is surely a superfood. It is no wonder that ghee is referred to as ‘liquid gold’.

Nei Native, the brainchild of Mumbai resident Nitya Ganapathy (47), came into being in 2021 with an intent to bring back thetraditional method of making ghee.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Nitya’s parents were in Mumbai. She says that her mother, whom she describes as a busybody, found the lockdown to be restrictive. “Mom was used to being outdoors and was involved in many activities. She wanted to do something to keep herself busy. So when she received encouragement from family about the nei she made, she decided to make more of it,” says Nitya.

Adding to this, Jayalakshmi says, “I have been making ghee for decades, and learnt to make it from my mother and mother-in-law. Making the perfect homemade cultured ghee is an art but nowadays, very few families do it as they just don’t have the time. Somewhere, I felt that the fragrance and authenticity was lost.”

She continues, “When so many from our family and friends circle encouraged me to make more of our very traditional family recipe-based ghee, passed down through generations, my daughter and I suddenly realised the need for this. And that is how Nei Native was born.”

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